1. Guerreisms.. Renjie has made it to the big leagues :-)

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  2. Anonymous said: I feel like wearing some bright yellow slacks for casual Friday. My job is a business casual environment. What's your take on it? Or should I leave them for the weekend?

    PERSONALLY, I would leave

    - red
    - yellow
    - green

    and ALL THE COLORS for never ever if they were bright. i just don’t do bright. to me, that’s the Sun’s job.

    but hey, if it’ll get you a raise, or if everyone else is doing it at work.. but if that’s how you want to make an impact, then i’d say naaah


  3. Anonymous said: Hey there again! I like the way I look anonymous. Greyy with shades. Anyway.. What's your routine on washing your clothes? Or do you take them to the dry cleaners? Personally I like some of my stuff washed in. But others not so much. And the dry cleaning could probably leave a hole in my wallet. I mean obviously I'll take my suits. But what about dress shirts? Got any tips or tricks on maintaining them crisp and clean? :) have a wonderful day.

    I’m sorry bro - the most I’ve got is lime/lemon juice at the collar to keep white shirts white, or starch for ocbds if the rumpled look ruffled your feathers.

    That aside, it’s all washing machine > sun dry > iron for me!

    Any of you have tips for this man?


  4. went down to the Vanda sale today

    what can i say - their products are truly a cut above the rest.


  5. Anonymous said: LOL! Unfortunately I am not Potiphar’s wife.. I'm a dude. Just a long lost fan. That is all. Have a fabulous weekend.

    you too sir.

    (and if you want to come off anon, that’s welcome anytime)


  6. Anonymous said: Thank goodness I have found you again! Oh handsome beast. Don't escape my clutches again.

    is this Potiphar’s wife

    because i sorta really like the shirts that i own so if you pulled one off and popped the buttons i’d be pretty pissed


  7. Anonymous said: Whatever happened to HandsomeBeastJ? Or are you him?

    it is i

    but when i changed my url someone else took handsomebeastj and locked it

    my instagram is still handsomebeastjoseph though



  8. tonight i felt a bit frazzled and a bit off-kilter

    so i lay in bed and looked at nice scuffy shoes and acquirable alphets

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  9. prince-willy:


    bro if its goals you want i hope you caught Brazil - Germany last night 

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  10. untilwegethere graduated today :-)


  11. iamdevinci said: Instagram?


    (almost 0 fashion, 100% things that i find funny)


  12. grabbed a new short sleeve to last me through summer.


  13. ducksareforsale said: Hello, i was wondering what would be your go-to outfit for warmer wheather


    (swap the tee for a short sleeved ocbd where appropriate!)


  14. more clothes


  15. bronx2216 said: Native New Yorker here. Tell me what you like and I'll tell you where to eat and where to play. Check out "Time Out New York" magazine for stuff to do as well.

    HEY!!! that is really cool of you.

    i’m mostly looking at good places to grab a bite (steak? burgers that aren’t shake shack?), and shopping and general cool stuff to do around NYC!

    thinking of heading down to Boston too - what can i find there!

    and i’ll check TONY out (do people call it that?), thank you very much :D