1. Carmina.


  2. zonation:


    Cold Days.

    i want my husband to look like this

    http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cloning ?

    (Source: genesis39-6)


  3. i am slipping into sleep like it is a glass slipper and i am a princessy foot


  4. homies / wedding


  5. Mildliner (in ‘Mandarin Orange’)


    Grey Linen

    Heirloom Watch

    Naked iPhone

    Tired College Student


  6. Black/Navy/White

    (Stephan Schneider


  7. wearearchaic and i at an old friend’s wedding :)


  8. the opposite of love is indifference
    i really indifference vegetables

  9. Ralph Lauren Cordovan Bluchers


  10. WIWT to catch my talented friend’s script at its debut reading

    also how I look when I am breaking down in laughter



  12. neo-yahtzee asked: You have great style

    thank you homie

    (gr8 transformation too)

    smiles are always in style smile at a stranger today
    but not if they are >6 years younger
    because you might be arrested

    peace ✌


  13. (Studying) Everyday, Everynight 

    (cinnamon bun, anyone?)


  14. Lemon Blueberry Scone, anyone?


  15. diamonds-are-special asked: How old are you?


    I am turning 23 this year

    though I do have the cherubic countenance of a cuddly child

    thanks for asking